Custom Stud, Inc. manufactures high-quality, professional-grade steel framing studs along with a series of easy-to-assemble small building systems. Custom Stud provides its products and custom fabrication services to customers across the United States.



Our mission is to produce a quality product and simplify the lives of our customers with personal, hassle free service.  We continually review our processes to remain a leader in quality, delivery and service.


To be the best privately owned manufacturer where employees know they are valued, are trusted to make decisions, enjoy their work and strive for personal growth. The quality of who we are and how we work with you are equal in importance to the product we deliver.



Custom Stud, Inc. is the master mind of Martin Kiehm who expanded into the light gauge steel framing industry in 2001, servicing commercial construction throughout the United States. A complement to Kiehm Constructions’ steel building construction company, founded in 1979 which evolved over time from commercial buildings to becoming experts in Mini Storage and Airplane Hangar construction.

With his entrepreneurial nature, Mr. Kiehm has taken his building construction in yet another direction, merging his steel building knowledge with the manufacturing expertise of Custom Stud to produce Small Building Systems, cost and labor saving Tilt Up Sheds.

Custom Stud, Inc. strives to be a valued resource to our customers now and in the future.